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Steps For Loggin In

Follow the below steps if you are not able to login:

When you try to login to your class, if you get the message “something went wrong” or “failed to join meeting” it may be that

(i)     the device is not logged in with the school id, or

(ii)     the device is not able to pick the school id as the default user.


The Solutions is:

1. Open the Google Chrome application on your mobile.

2. Click on the right-side corner on the 3 dots.  Go to settings.

3. Click on email id.

4. Sign out and turn off sync.

5.  Click on continue.

6.  Click on Choose another account option.

7. Select the school email id.

8. Click on option “yes I am in”.

9. Click on continue.

10. Select Sync and Google services.

11. Click on Sync isn’t working.

12.  Click on next.

13. Type school email id password.

14. Open the Google classroom application and join the class.

The issue will be resolved.

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