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Social Service School

Influenced by Kothari Commission, Father John Moore S.J., founder of St. Xavier's School, with the help of friends and members of Mahila Samiti started “Afternoon School " for the deprived children of the neighbourhood, which later on became St. Xavier's Social Service School.

Father Moore believed that the children who get quality education facility should share that with the children of underprivileged section. With this view, students of English Medium started teaching voluntarily. They contributed till 1969.

In the beginning of 1980s, Fr. John Moore S.J., handed over the responsibilities of this school to Fr. Ken McNamara S.J. During his tenure, the Afternoon School took shape of a regular school and became a part of St. Xavier's School. Regular teachers were appointed to run the school.

St. Xavier's Social Service School provides quality education up to Class VI who would otherwise be deprived of it for financial and other reasons. Each year some of the brightest from Class VI are absorbed into the English Medium.

Social Service School, as a part of St. Xavier’s School is imparting education to the poor children. Basic Education is a right of every child. Keeping this in mind we are providing education to the children who belong to the economically weak families.

Such children are deprived of education and hence a bright future. The Social Service School provides them an opportunity to shape their personality. Here, children are provided with good education that makes them eligible for higher education and henceforth making a mark for themselves in various fields.

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