M.A. English Literature, M.A. Philosophy, M.A. Pastoral Counselling(USA), M.Ed.

One of the objectives of the Jesuit Education is “forming men and women for and with others.” St. Xavier’s School has a long history and a rich legacy based on a 450-year-old tradition that aims to help shape students’ minds, body, and hearts into a habit of reaching out to the needs of today's and tomorrow's global society and, in the process, reaching out to God. It prepares students to be wiser and more compassionate as they take the next step in their life journey as men and women for and with others. Being grounded in the presence of God, it encompasses imagination, emotion, and intellect. It encourages students to seek and find God in all things not for oneself but all for the greater Glory of God.

Our students breathe in the air of freedom to excel in the fields of their choices. The achievements, creative works, and contributions of students and teachers substantiate the belief that they are capable of reaching greater heights.

St. Xavier’s School fosters not only intellectual development but also moral and spiritual growth. By the time our students leave, our aim is to produce students “open to growth, intellectually competent, religious, loving, and committed to doing justice.” Service, truth, and justice are our key priorities.

The mission of St. Xavier’s School is the pursuit of truth for the greater Glory of God and for the service of humanity.Our education goes beyond the classroom walls. It takes students into the communities to serve with and for others to use their talents to address the world’s greatest needs.

Therefore, don’t ignore the fire inside - join us, and let’s create a better tomorrow. Our faith guides us, but it doesn’t define us. At its core, our education at St. Xavier’s School is all about social justice, equality, and development of the holistic growth of a person - basically, making the world a better place by helping individuals reach their full potential.

With all my love, best wishes, and blessings!

Fr. Arun Minj, S.J. Principal

St. Xavier's School, Bokaro

“Our community is ready to live, lead, and serve in the diverse and changing world. Today, we recognize that this is our time. Together we can strengthen our connections throughout our life, deepen our commitment to our Jesuit, Catholic values, create a vision that includes all voices, and chart a path that embraces the best of the past and boldly envisions the future.”