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  • St. Xavier's School, Bokaro

    Words aren't enough to express my gratitude towards this school. The teachers, for all the knowledge and guidance they have given me, my dear friends, for their support and having my back every time. This is the beauty of St. Xaviers, anywhere you get stuck you have the mentors available for any sort of help you require. Each and everything here is ought to be acknowledged, the beautiful campus, the adorable teachers, the helpful staff, the cooperative batchmates, the kids studying in junior classes who were constant reminders of an optimistic and happy life. Every moment spent here is safely treasured in my heart. My best wishes to all the brimming stars at St. Xaviers.

    Chabbi Saumya

    Batch 2022-23
  • St. Xavier's School, Bokaro

    Reflecting on my journey, Saint Xavier's School has been the cornerstone of my growth over 13 formative years. Guided by the principles of Jesuit education, I was privileged to be part of an environment that honed my skills and character. I experienced firsthand the commitment to leadership and service Jesuit education stands for.

    The school's motto resonates deeply with me, as it encapsulates the transformative journey I underwent, preparing me for life's challenges beyond school. Today, as a CS student at Georgia State University, I find myself drawing from the strong foundation laid by my alma mater. I owe my present success to the values instilled in me during my time at Saint Xavier's, and I am committed to upholding these values in all my endeavors. Looking ahead, I am committed to giving back to the community that has given me so much. The essence of my journey embodies the spirit of growth and service that remains at the core of my being.

    Samujjwal Kumar

    Batch 2020-21
  • St. Xavier's School, Bokaro

    Wholesome! That's the one word I would use to describe all of Xavier's. It's where no bird is forced to swim and no fish is forced to fly. That's why every kid that enters, develops individuality and leaves with a personalized aim in sight.

    The academic infrastructure and exposure are amazing. Sports is equally encouraged and I must say it's very well established and also, flourishing. Every talent under the sun is not only respected but also supported at Xavier's. The teachers I found here went beyond the four walls of our classrooms to ensure that it's not just the bookish knowledge they impart. Of course, their conceptual clarity helped us through exams but in the long run, we can only appreciate how lovingly they prepared us to face life with strength. The student-teacher relationship becomes the memento we all leave with.

    Personally, I am especially indebted to my school for enhancing my literary interests and helping my way to the podium. Not to mention, the extracurriculars played a crucial role in teaching us teamwork, management, the art of socializing as well as the power of networking. This certainly gives us an edge as we step out for further studies.

    Besides all that I mentioned above, what makes Xavier's so special to me is how beautifully it grooms students to become people of great character and values. There's so much warmth inside the school premises among students - within a batch as well as across batches. The students, the alumni, the teaching and non-teaching staff along with the management body hold hands to create the Xaverian family which forever becomes the nest we return to.

    Zoya Nasim

    Batch 2020-21
  • St. Xavier's School, Bokaro

    It has been three years since I left St. Xavier’s School, Bokaro Steel City after spending one more than a dozen years of my life there. Teachers, with their prodigious pedagogy, often told us how the Xaverian values may seem underrated at school but stand out in every sphere when a student steps into the real world. I have felt the precision of this observation to the core. Values cultivated, communication skills developed, knowledge sowed, and authenticity restored within the boundaries of this institution stay for life. An academically average student also goes on to do well after crossing the threshold.

    What makes it special is its approachable and encouraging environment. Students must want to learn and then, they are learning before they know it. When I wanted input for my writing, I always got it. Every teacher from the Primary Section to the Plus Two Section, every school staff and every corner of the campus helped me in reaching where I am today.

    St. Xavier’s has made me a confident person. In a dozen years of my life, it has given me the assurance that with hard work and perseverance, tomorrow shall always be stunning. I am eternally grateful to this institution because I see how perfectly it nurtured my roots and then, protected me as a tiny sapling. Even if I grow into a tree someday, it will always be my haven on earth.

    Vaishnavi Prasad

    Batch 2019-20
  • St. Xavier's School, Bokaro

    St. Xavier’s Bokaro has long been acknowledged for its exceptional bond between students and teachers. The achievements I've accomplished thus far owe a great deal to Xavier’s. It provided me not only with vital interpersonal skills but also served as a foundation for leadership development, alongside an array of other valuable qualities. This encompassed behavioural etiquette, aptitudes like organisational acumen, time management, and effective stress management.

    I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated teachers at Xavier’s, as I owe them a substantial debt. It is their guidance that enables me to compose this testimonial today. Reflecting on the past, I appreciate how Xavier’s has not only influenced my career trajectory but has also instilled essential life skills that have proven invaluable.

    My time at Xavier’s moulded me, offering a space to learn and grow, and affording me the exposure I needed. I want to particularly emphasise that being an ICSE graduate from Xavier’s indeed adds a valuable dimension to life's journey.

    Furthermore, the curriculum we pursued, especially in Computer Applications and Computer Science, stands out as one of the most thoughtfully crafted courses. It undoubtedly played a vital role in my advancement. Beyond the professional aspect, the values instilled in us at Xavier’s, the discipline we imbibed, and the behavioural conduct we learned have all made a significant impact. I acknowledge that these might have appeared insignificant; however, in hindsight, I recognise how genuinely fortunate I am.

    Xavier’s has played a pivotal role in shaping my life, and I take pride in being one of the students who emerged from its nurturing environment.

    Vasudev Seth,
    Associate Software Engineer,

    2018-19 Batch
  • St. Xavier's School, Bokaro

    It has almost been 16 years to the day when a five year old me,naive,innocent and clueless about the world,set afoot the gates of St. Xavier’s School for the first time.As my parents left me at the gate ,I was nervous ,scared but at the same time curious and excited .What followed were a miraculous 13 years of my life and before I knew it I was gearing up for college,hugging the best friends a person can ask for,taking blessings from the most marvellous teachers a student can have,bidding farewell to the institute which is but the epitome of modern education.13 years later I again felt the same nervousness and fear but this time I had a sense of confidence in me and was ready for my rendezvous with life.

    When and how those years passed by I don’t know,but St Xavier’s took me in and moulded me into the man I am today and no matter where I go, I will be eternally grateful for it.From a child having difficulty with speech to representing the school for various oratory events,from not wanting to study to academic success,from being the introvert child in the class to being the school Captain and organising a plethora of events ,St Xaviers’s stood by me in every little step of my life.The teachers here have the love for teaching which is unparalleled but they won’t stop at just making you a philomath but they inculcate in you the values and morals required to become a good human being too.

    Today I can proudly say that I am pursuing MBBS from AIIMS and I have no one to thank to but my alma mater.Life will never be easy on you but St Xavier’s has taught me to persevere and to fight ,to always strive towards excellence and never settle for less ,to always be ready to serve those in need and most importantly,to never lose hope no matter how dark it gets because with ardour and hard work there is nothing which can stop you from reaching the pinnacle of success.

    Not a single day passes when I don’t miss St Xavier’s and my time spent there.Those memories are going to be etched forever in my heart and with those and the qualities which the school inculcated in me , I will carry a part of the school with me always . I don’t know where life will take me from here but I know that I will be ready for it with my arms open. St Xavier’s School-How can I thank you enough ? I am and will be eternally indebted to you for everything you did for me. You helped me stand on my own feet.My life’s story will always be incomplete without mentioning this beautiful journey we had together.So for all you did for me ,St Xavier’s ,I promise you that I will always strive towards Magis,and one day, I will make you proud .


    2020 Batch
  • St. Xavier's School, Bokaro

    I am immensely grateful for the privilege to share my testimony with the school community. I just wanted to share my experience at this school and how it positively impacted my life. From the first moment when I stepped on campus, I felt welcomed and supported. Firstly, the ambiance of the school is full of greenery and positive vibes. It has big buildings, spacious classrooms, beautiful gardens, and such a massive place to explore.

    The student-teacher relationship is the key highlight of this place. The teachers truly care about their students and go above and beyond to ensure that we understand the material. They are knowledgeable, passionate, and challenging. They also instill in us the values of hard work, determination, and perseverance. Our school may challenge us academically, but it has also helped me grow as a person.

    Additionally, the extra-curricular activities have allowed me to explore my interests and develop new skills. I have made long-lasting friendships with my seniors, juniors, and classmates. My school clubs are also capable of building up the confidence to express our talent and views in front of everybody.

    My school memories contain pictures from the ‘Golden Jubilee Celebration, ‘Taru Mitra’, ‘Science Congress, ‘Art & Craft Exhibition’, ‘Sports Day’, ‘Class Picnic’, ‘Class 12 Farewell’ and many more. I also feel so honored to be a part of the Student Council which has taught me a lot of things regarding leadership, management, patience, determination, and teamwork. I was awarded the ‘Best Influencer’ award and I will dedicate this award to teachers, non-teaching staff, students, school officials, vice-principals, and principal.

    I express my heartfelt gratitude for this remarkable journey. My experience has been truly life-changing full of milestones. Overall, my journey at this school has been nothing short of excellence. I am so proud of this institution and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality education along with life lessons and fun.

    Riya Singh,

    2021-22 Batch