Extra Curriculars

St. Xavier's School, Bokaro

Music is a part of the extra-curricular activities provided to our student. We have a dedicated full time music teacher who provides students the fundamental training and performance opportunities. The practice sessions with various musical instruments are also provided to interested students under the supervision of the professional musicians hired by the school on contractual basis. As a result of which we have a well-equipped music band group.


Our teachers encourage the students to participate in dance programmes being held on different occasions. Their talents are highlighted through the programmes like Parent’s Nite, Teachers Day etc.

St. Xavier's School, Bokaro
St. Xavier's School, Bokaro
Art and Craft Exhibition

Art and Craft forms an integral part of the cultivation of creativity in young children. The junior sections in the school have a dedicated period for art and craft embedded effectively in the cycle. This period focuses, not on handing out instruction sheets and asking students to design a model but on cherishing the individuality of children and exploring their creativity. Children are guided to fill colours in the creative canvas of their being.
An Art and Craft exhibition is organized every year for the junior sections. This event is entirely managed by children under the able guidance their respective teachers which further goes on to cultivate leadership and organizational skills.

Science Exhibition

Through the Science Exhibition, we provide our students an opportunity to learn more about science and technology, and apply scientific ideas to solve them. This encourages our students to acquire and use the methods and processes of science, such as observation, questioning, planning, investigations, hypothesizing, collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data etc.

St. Xavier's School, Bokaro
St. Xavier's School, Bokaro
Sports and Games

Students of all age groups have games and physical education classes embedded into the curriculum to foster a sense of cooperation, team spirit, character, courage, and leadership. The 16-acre campus has three Football grounds, two courts each for Basketball, Volleyball, Kho-Kho, and Badminton as well as facilities for indoor games like Table Tennis. Each class is given time as part of the regular school schedule to take part in games. After the regular school hours special coaching is given to various teams.
To nurture a sense of healthy competition among the students, inter-house matches are encouraged in the middle school, high school and plus two sections. A major event of the school is the Annual Sports, organised forclasses Prep to XII. About 200 individual events and 50 team events are included in it.