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Latest Update


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Covid-19 has confined people within their homes and constrained the world to come to a standstill. In these disturbing times, it is really difficult to predict what will happen next. We are at a time when we are asked to let go of our carefully formulated plans. 

As you know we had commenced the academic session for the ISC and ICSE classes, XII and X, already in the first week of March. By the 19th all classes would have been back in the school. We had already done most of the work of implementing a new ERP system for the school, which would make the managing the regular administrative work of the school smoother and more efficient and make communication between the school and the parents quicker and easier. The plan included an improved dynamic website and mobile app appropriate for all stakeholders of the school. 

In fact, we had completed providing training to the faculty and staff over multiple session before the lockdown was declared. We had adopted Google for Education and planned to use Google Classroom extensively. Every student, staff and administrators are assigned an official email id from the school. But we were not able to introduce them to the students and parents. In short, we were on the verge of employing technology in a big way both in teaching-learning and school administration.

We were not sure that the messages sent from the school were received by all of you. We meant to verify the data provided by you in the revised forms that you had turned in and update the mobile numbers wherever necessary. We had planned to call batches of parents to the school each day in the cool of the evening for about a week to both to introduce the new facilities and update the relevant information for communication with you. 

Now we are regrouping and setting up alternatives for students. We will use this website for the time-being to provide urgent information. Here students will be able to access online learning material, e-learning facilities and assignments. The details will be available over the next few days. All who can access the internet through on PC, laptop or handheld devices will be able to use this. 

Our mission at this hour of crisis is to contribute to students’ engagement and learning continuity within our physical and virtual environment. They must remain healthy, happy and creatively engaged. This journey may be long, difficult and even frustrating, but at the same time motivating exciting and rewarding.

I do hope and pray that you and your near and dear ones keep safe and reach out in generosity to care for the needy in Your vicinity, but within the boundaries of the safety norms imposed on the whole country. Thanking you sincerely for your understanding in these difficult times.

Wishing you all good health, peace and happiness.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. P. J. James, S.J.


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